Community Led Development Plan for Shirley

 The Community Led Development Plan for Shirley documents the local community's vision and priorities. It is particularly important now to guide how we might use the resources available to us through the Department of Internal Affairs' Community Led Development Programme from now to late 2027.

The needs and wishes of Shirley residents have been recorded in various surveys and events over many years. We've looked back as far as 2000 at existing reports, surveyed residents in 2018 and 2021, and collected feedback at various community events in 2022 and 2023, held a series of "Pitch for Shirley" events, and consulted on the draft plan with hui, stalls, and online and hardcopy drafts and feedback forms. Some very clear themes come through which give us a strong foundation for a draft community plan. 

The Plan will be a living document, updated annually. Your feedback is welcome at any time.

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Keep, Change, Dream blackboard at Shirley Shine 2023